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Welcome J6/N9RD

Juergen, n9rd, was in Saint Lucia today for the day. He came in on a cruise ship and was met by j69az Ernest and his wife. Ernest took Juergen and friends and family to the Sulphur springs for a visit. they came back up to Castries for 1 pm where they met up with j66ca Francis, and j69ds Frans and their families, at the Vigie beach where they had antennae up on 10 and 17 meters.
j69ds Frans was on 15 meters running a nice little pile up which after introductions he handed over to Juergen to run as J6/N9RD for the next couple of hours. Juergen worked the pile up and made many fun contacts right there from the beach on the Kenwood ts430 (belonging to J66CA) and a buddipole as a vertical with a wire radial.
When 4 pm rolled around it was time for Juergen and family and friends to head back to the ship. J69AZ Ernest brought them back safely to the ship.
J69DS continued with the pile up after Juergen left, and Ernest took it over on his return to the beach.
We all had a fun day and made some real nice contacts.
Some photos below,
73 de J6 Portable Group.


RaDAR contest is Saturday

RaDAR ( RApid Deployment Amateur Radio)

The RaDAR contest is on this weekend. It is an amazing concept and it is good training also. Setup a portable station, make five contacts, take a photo of the setup. Now take it all down, walk over 1 kilometer (3 if driving) and setup again and make another five contacts etc, keep doing this for four hours. All modes are good, ssb digital, cw… make the Q’s.

Time is 14:00 to 18:00 UTC on April 5th and it will be repeated on the first Saturday in November!
The Exchange is rs(t) and your locator preferably ten digits for more accuracy.

more info can be found on ZS6BNE blog
our locator can found here or if you use a smart phone look for HAM Gps app in your app store.
And of course we also have the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) community on Google, join us there for more info, discussion etc.

Hope to see you on this Saturday!

RaDAR – Calling frequencies

Local and International RaDAR calling frequencies
160m kHz   Info Channel
CW 1836 South Africa 1
SSB 1845 LSB S.A. / USB HF-Pack 2 / 3
80m kHz   Info Channel
CW 3559 HF-Pack 4
CW 3560 South Africa 5
SSB 3690 South Africa 6
SSB 3791 USB HF-Pack 7
40m kHz   Info Channel
CW 7029.5  [] HF-Pack 8
CW 7030 South Africa 9
SSB 7090 South Africa 10
SSB 7185.5  << USB HF-Pack 11
20m kHz  14185  Info Channel
CW 14059  [] HF-Pack 12
CW 14080 South Africa 13
SSB 14240  << South Africa 14
SSB 14342.5  [] USB HF-Pack 15
CW 14343 USB HF-Pack (Cross mode) 16
SSB 14346 USB HF-Pack (QSY) 17
15m kHz  21059  Info Channel
CW 21080 South Africa 18
SSB 21350  << South Africa 19
SSB 21437.5  [] USB HF-Pack 20
CW 21438 USB HF-Pack (Cross mode) 21
10m kHz   Info Channel
CW 28060  [] South Africa 22
SSB 28312.5 USB HF-Pack (QSY) 23
SSB 28327.5  [] USB HF-Pack 24
CW 28328 USB HF-Pack (Cross mode) 25
SSB 28360  << South Africa 26

73 de J6 Portable Group