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Saint Lucia Independence event

The J6 Portable group will be active from Friday 2th February till Friday 27th February with the special call J64SLI/36 (Juliet six four Saint Lucia Independence) the 36 represents the 36th year of independence.   The J6 Portable group is proud to have the FIRST ever assigned J64 !

The J6 Portable group will be camping out for the weekend and will be operating for the remainder of the week from various locations.

We look forward to working you all on the air.

QSL manager for the event is John WB5Q
(John S Carson, Jr. 5008 Stonehenge Ln. Norman, OK 73026. USA)
Send 2 $US for return qsl.

Sponsors for this event:

Budd W3FF and the Buddipole Dxpeditions
John Carson WB5Q PR officer and QSL manager
Aeronautical Center ARC, Oklahoma City, OK
South Canadian ARC, Norman OK
Butch Weber WA4GIF

J64SLI, 36th year of indepence

J64SLI, 36th year of indepence

A little help from your friends…

Ian j66cd, has been a ham for a few years and has been struggling to be on the air. Getting radios here is not a easy task. It always has to be imported and shipping and duties raise the cost quite a bit! Ian did have a TS120 that went bad20150208_140019-500 a while back. Then Ian got ill and the long and short of that was he lost his job and was basically out of the loop. However a friend of his in Martinique organized for him to get medical help in fm land. This was a super assist for Ian, he got great support there.
Whilst he was there he of course met his friends from Cb days like Francis Olivier and Allain, but he also met up with some members of the FMHAMRA club. He met Eric fm1hm and Franck fm0ir also. Franck fm0ir kindly gave Ian a Baofend UV3R handy!

It so happened that there was a radio being sold at a good price and the group of five deiced right there and then to all chip in 20150208_132608 and get the rig for Ian! So said so done, next I knew the radio was in the hands of Eric. Eric contacted me  saying he would be sending the radio down for Ian, but would send it to me so I would go and ensure it got  setup right and all sorted out for Ian. Eric next used whatsapp on Friday 6th telling me Laurent fm4qh was  sailing down to j6 on the Saturday. So he would send me the radio with Laurent. I met with Laurent who sails the Yacht “Alouette” (his site: ) in Rodney bay. He was anchored of the marina entrance, and of course it was raining all day… so in the rain me and my son went on board and visited with our friends and picked up the radio there. It was really nice to meet Laurent his xyl and passengers, we had a nice time with them.

So now the ball was in my court, we needed to go set up for Ian. However I knew he had no antennae up! So I checked with Ian as to him being home on Sunday and having poles and coax and stuff to put up an antenna or two. Once that was ok I went and canvassed Ernest j69z to come along for a day of antennae fun. There was no hesitation, J6Portable was as ready as ever!

So Sunday morning ten am J6 Portable was at Ian’s doorstep ready to put up a few dipoles! We first of had to go pick up a 20 20150208_124013-500foot pole for a neighbours residence. Then we added a pulley at the top with a rope to hoist antennae, then we erected that using a big guava tree! This is the Caribbean! The J6 Portable crew brought along a full 40 meter dipole and coax with enough bits and pieces to achieve our goals. We raised and stretched out the 40 meter dipole and decided to check the 10 meter loop he had on loan. That loop was not resonant at all, and he could not cut it since it was a loaner. So we set to work using pvc pipe as insulators and some wire to make a simple dipole. Measured it, checked it on the analyzer only to find the line on the analyzer looked like somebody having a heart attack: the coax was faulty! Ian had another one that was fine so that was used and the ten meter dipole went up also. Next was setting up the VHF J pole on another pole on the other side of the house and once that was up time to setup the radio and get it all hooked up! All this was done whilst Ian’s mom, who was visiting, was cooking up a storm in the kitchen getting us hungry with all the great smells!
So we went and tackled his shack cleaning up a bit of the wiring and adding a 3 port antenna switch and a few anderson poles where needed. Anderson Poles courtesy of WF2S Steve. The first radio on was his motorola vhf, I put out a few calls on the 145.780 repeater no answer… then a minute later we hear lady voice come back on the vhf saying: “yes yes there is somebody on the radio!” So I responded with this is j69ds come again. Only to have my wife come back from my qth with: “I know it is you , that radio sounding very clean and clear!”… so now we were in business the vhf was on! Next we set up the hf and got the test done by using my  remote station from my phone (thanks to  sq8bj for a super app ) once we got that sorted we tried 40 meter by having Ernest’s xyl j69ej to pick up the mic at his shack and we had a nice qso on 40!
Once that was done cleanup time and lunch!!! which btw was super!

Then we headed back home and Ian went to a job he had lined up!

A super thanks to the Martinican CB group  and the FMHAMRA club for the assistance given to one of our fellow hams here. J6 Portable has really appreciated the effort both on the radio side as on the medical side. This is what amateur radio is about!