Monthly Archives: November 2015

N7BT Joe and friends were back!

November 7th had Joe and his crew land on Saint Lucia again. the whole team was: Joe, N7BF as J68KF; and Bill, AA4OC; Frank, KB7NJV; Russ, N7QR; Dave, N7DWL and Mac, WT4BT all as J6/call.
Of course the J6 Portable team went to Chateau Devaux to welcome the group  and assist with antennae erection and all sorts of other little things. Of the J6 Portable group present were J66SJ Cyril, his xyl Yasmin and J62YOTA ops Journeii and Annique, J69DS Frans, his xyl Filita, J69Z Ernest, but Ian was at work and could not come that day.
All of the J6 Portable equipment and antenna were at the disposal of the group. We met and lunch was provided by Yasmin (j66sj xyl) and Filita (j69ds xyl) and we had a beautiful day with our friends indeed.
During the week Ernest J69Z had a few days off and took a few out to operate on the Pigeon Point Beach and also on Fort Rodney at Pigeon Point Park, also from the Morne Pavillion Park. Friday in Gros Islet was of course de rigeur! Ernset went with them and they had a fun evening there also.  All in all they had a great week of fun operating and relaxing. Saturday morning came way to quick of course and time to break camp and head back was upon the group.
Looking forward to seeing the team again maybe next year? It is always a pleasure to be able to provide assistance to any Amateur Operator visiting our fair Helen of the West Indies!