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Buddies in the Caribbean 15

So Budd and Chris and a whole crew were back at Chateau Devaux this December again from the 6th to the 14th! I went up on the Monday to assist with antenna erection. Met up with the crew, of course Budd J68FF (W3FF) was back, and with him: W2LNX Dave, K4ZGB Tom, N8WD Bryan, J68HF Chris, WB9OTX Jack, J68RL Rick (AA4W), W7DGP Larry . Once we started with antennae Budd realized he need a tripod or two more. Smart me forgot to put it all in the trunk, so I called Cyril J66SJ who obliged and passed at my home picked my buddipole stuff and brought it all the way up to the chateau. He met with all the guys also that afternoon brought Ernest J69Z around also. The only J6 Portable member who did not get a chance to meet up with the Buddipole crew was Ian j66cd due to work times.
December is also YOTA month ( ) and we have two lovely young ladies who are learning about amateur radio and are active for this month with the call J62YOTA under supervision. They worked a few of the buddies and of course Budd has them in the log!
We had the buddies crew up to J69DS’ home for dinner on wednesday with the j6 Portable group. We had a load of fun. Dave managed to send a message using fldigi and msgwrap via olivia showing that messages can be send over great distances with 100% accurancy using digital modes. Dinner was prepared by Yasmin (j66sj xyl) and Filita (j69ds xyl) with drinks by the rest of the group.
It was a great pleasure to have J68RL Rick back on island, great guy and great operator.
All throughout the week everybody would pass by and say hello and spend some time with  the buddipole group.
On Saturday they were invited by the amateur radio club for a dinner.
Sunday afternoon was the traditional day at chateau devaux and dinner with the guys. Monday was truly pack up and get ready to fly out. By midday “big” their taxi back to the airport was there for them to head out again, it was bye bye and the end of a great time and new friends made!

73 de j69ds Frans