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Skimmer! Crossband! Sdr!

Since last year Bill J68HZ said he wanted to do some skimmers to put up here in J6 Land. I agreed and we decided it was a go ahead. He built the skimmer from DX Engineering Equipment. The Hardware from antennae coming down is the following: two ARAH-1P Antennae, into a 2 port splitter/combiner by way of power injector module. From there it goes to a receiver guard and into a RPA-1 Receiver amplifier and into the QS1R Sdr radio. All this was nicely built into an empty dell pc case. Bill did a great setup of all the software on a dell pc on windows 7. He has had this on the ready for a while whilst we were looking for a good site to put it on. It cannot be in our shack since we would overload it if we so much as looked at a radio.

In came Lin J69CU, he came back to radio recently and we hooked up at some point. He got interested in the crossband setup I was trying to work on and from there we just started talking and of course I mentioned the fact we were looking for a good spot for the skimmers and crossband. The skimmers needed a good location and internet access and that was the harder part actually. But Len said for the both he had a perfect site in mind. I said ok lets go and see and try it out. We organized and the whole crew went to do a site visit. We met at Soufriere and went up to the base of Morne Tabac where we parked and gathered all our stuff to go up and try out. After a good 30 minute climb, going up a track in the forest and climbing 150 meters up. Once on site it was like WOW this is it! We setup a temp antenna on the tower on vhf and worked as far as St Kitts’ repeater. Simplex qso’s were done from there to all our qth’s up north without as problem. The only catch was internet was at least 3 km away!
After some good fun up on top we all climbed back down and we all agreed it was a perfect location! So now to find a way to get the internet up there.
However when I spoke to Bill that evening he was like you can see the far point directly? So yeah we could, then he said that is easy I will bring you the proper equipment for that. Which he did when he came down in April. Whilst he was there Continue reading