G0VJG Nobby portable!

Nobby (g0vjg) is in Saint Lucia for a 14 day vacation with radio! Nobby arrived here with his lovely wife Maxine on Wednesday the 4th of June. He operated from j69ds Frans’ shack on Saturday the 7th June.j6/g0vj Nobby at j69ds Shack and on Monday the 10th (a holiday here) he went portable with the J6 Portable group of course! We got it all planned out on the Saturday evening. On Monday J69DS went and set up at the beach by 9 am, at the same time J69AZ (Ernest) went to pick him up at Marigot Palms.
By the time they got to the beach 15 meters buddipole was up and the 12 meters was in process. Ernest setup one of his antennae on ten meters.
Nobby started listening around on 10 then 12 and 15, settled on 15 to start calling CQ. but the bands were not very good at the early hours. He worked a few here and there. by midday we had a nice lunch going with BBQ chicken etc prepared by Filita (Frans’ xyl) After lunch Nobby got back on the bands with a bit better result. as the afternoon went on conditions picked up and Nobby worked a good bit of stations on 15 12 and 10 meters.
We took down the station around 5 pm and headed to his hotel to setup a 6 meter buddipole so he could try out 6 meters whilst there.
We all got home from there around 7:30 pm.. what a fun day it was!!! cq j6 portable… one beer to many!

Pictures below and video below that, enjoy… 73! Beer Bikinis Beach and Buddipoles!