Independence 2014

For independence 2014, 35 years of independence, We had a special event callsign J6SLI35 assigned and approved by NTRC our local regulatory board for all matters radio.
We did plan to camp but for a number of reasons that did not pan out, however we were on the beach from 7 am on both the saturday and the sunday and we stayed well into the evening. The higher bands were better we worked 15 and 10 extensively! We have a grand time with radio, family and friends. We also like to thank the clubs and people that sponsored the event notably:
The Aeronautical Center ARC, Oklahoma City, OK.
The South Canadian ARC, Norman, OK.
Butch Webber WA4GIF
John Carson KD5SRW our qsl manager and PR officer, excellent job!!
Budd W3FF and Buddipole for their assistance with antennae! Worked perfect!

We worked many stations all over, and we just had a fun time doing it!

Some photos of the event: