J6 Portable

The J6 Portable Group.

  • Who: we are a group of like minded Radio Operators who love working portable from beaches mountain tops and anywhere in between. And as a group we strive to maintain good operating practices, and to uphold the Dx Code of Conduct. ( read the Dx Code of Conduct here)
  • Why: By doing regular portable operations we know we are ready and prepared in the case of a natural disaster or other emergency to mobilize within the shortest possible time at any location on any band. In this manner we can be ready to render service at a moments notice to the community when needed.
    By being portable we learn what works as an antenna, and to make do with what is in our kit, to be inventive.
    By being out there the public is made aware of Amateur Radio and can see and hear first hand what it is all about.
  • When: We go portable in general on Sundays as time permits, and some of us go during the week even when there is some time available. We also take advantage of long weekends to plan camping trips to various areas on the island.
  • Who can join? anybody can join so long as you have an interest in Amateur Radio, if you hold a license it is a plus, you bring your radio is a plus, bring your own antenna is also a plus but none are a must. We firmly believe it is about having fun and fostering a friendship around the hobby.
  • Founder of our fun group: J69DS Frans

How it all started:

J6 Portable came about by Frans J69Ds reading of Budd W3FF doing portable using something called a buddipole and the idea of doing portable from the beaches here in sunny Saint Lucia was born. it was not long after that Frans met up with Derek J67ZF and spoke to him about the idea and the wish to get a buddipole. It so happened Derek had one gathering dust in a cupboard and was willing to sell! So now Frans had an antenna. The next step was to get a radio to use only for portable instead of having to dismantle the qth shack to do portable.  Frans managed to buy an Icom 706mkII to use as a portable radio. Soon as Frans had that he found every reason to be on a beach and to setup the buddipole. He was inviting all operators on the island to join him. His words: “Come to the beach, let’s play radio. I got the antenna and a radio bring food and drinks let’s have some fun”. Some would show up and a fun time would ensue, many contacts would be made and a few beers would be downed. It has continued to where we now have a steady little group doing portable regularly.

This is how it started and how it has continued a way to have fun, play radio and involve all those around us in the hobby. At the same time also learning all sorts of thing you would not learn if you are just operating from home. We have learned and are still learning what works and what does not.

As Budd W3FF (j68FF) says: Have fun every day!