J6/VA3EGG was Portable

Sunday 30th March we had a planned outing with J6/VA3EGG on the Pigeon Point beach.
The J6 Portable group took care of all the eats drinks and radio and antennae.
And of course woke up Sunday morning to rain so first thought was: really what the…, but by 8:30 the sun was peekingout again so off we went!
J69DS picked up Darren (va3egg) up from the St James resort at Choc bay at 9 am and headed north to Pigeon point beach. We got there nice and early so could choose our site for the day, we were at grid square FK94MC50hr. We proceeded to setup a Buddipole vertical on 17 meters and then a 12 meters 2 element buddibeam. the 17 vertical we had to do a few adjustments to get a swr of 1:1, the beam we had it flat in one go. bith antennae were checked (analyzed) using the youkit fg01, easy as can be. We also setup a tarp to keep the sun away and as it turned out keep dry also. When we were done with the setup mother nature decided to cool us down with a downpour for about 15 minutes, not a problem all was covered… Soon after the sun was back and remained for the day! Shortly after j69az Ernest, j66ca Francis and j66cd Ian showed up also with the extra tables and chairs and gear. From there on it was just a bunch of fun with Darren making contacts on and off on 17 meters, and then 12 and eventually we trimmed the beam to 10 meters where everybody had some radio fun. Lunch was just superbe as prepared by Filita and her eldest son on the bbq doing pork chicken and fish.
The day was just a great fun day with Family radio Bikinis Beers and Buddipoles!
We left the beach around 7 pm well after sunset 🙂

The invitation to join us was extended to all operators island wide. J6 Portable is about just having fun and a nice time around the radio with family and friends. It was certainly achieved again this time around!

73 till the next J6 Portable outing!!

Video and photos:


5 Responses to J6/VA3EGG was Portable

  • Very nice photos Frans! Glad to see that rehab is not an option. My feelings exactly! 🙂

  • Hey Guys………..things are looking good there on the beach. Hello to all and good to see you in pictures again. And hello to your families. It was fun being with you back in December with the Buddies in the Caribbean. The picture of your 2 el on 12 looks fantastic with the ocean, ships and mountain in the background. Another great day in Paradise! Here in Wisconsin, the weather is just starting to warm a bit (58F yesterday) so it won’t be long before we are out portable here too. Hope to see you on the bands again soon.

    Jerry, N9AW

  • Hello from Indiana !
    Great pictures. It looks like everyone is having fun, and that’s what is important !! Keep up the weekend and holiday operating, and keep us all posted on times and frequencies.
    Thanks, and 73

  • I thought we were friends?? I am stuck here between snow one day and 6 inches of snow the next.. Our portable operation is in a fur lined parka.. Nice pictures and I wish I was in them for sure… The only thing we have up here is the beer, not even Baron’s hot sauce !
    Hope to see you before too long..

    • Hi Steve, lol wow 6 inches no less eh! you really need to come down here and get some sunshine and beer going!