Novice Class by J69FL

On the weekend of the 12th August, J69FL Fabian conducted a class for Novice level Amateur Radio Operators with as view to sit a successful exam.
The class was very well attended with 16 students present. I was also present to assist, but the presenter/teacher was Fabian. He certainly did a very good job of doing theory for the first day. On the second day we had a little bit of theory and then we had a super practical session.
The group was split into three groups and each was given a frequency, some wire, and a design (vertical horizontal) and with that they had to work out the length of the antenna’s legs and figure a way to make the antenna. Each group came up with innovative ideas on how to achieve the antenna and set out to make it. The three antennae were checked and verified to be on frequency with an analyzer. The group then proceeded to make some contacts with a few hams on each antenna/band under the supervision of J69FL Fabian and myself J69DS. 

The exam was set for the Friday following the class, but mother nature sent a storm so the exam was moved to the 25th August. So now we are waiting ont he results. Everybody sat the exam. we are all anxious to get the results.

A few photos from the classes below.

73 de J69DS