Portable From Des Barras

Sunday 15th February, Ernest came up to my shack and said let’s go operate from Des Barras…
Des Barras is a fairly remote community in a beautiful setting on top of the mountain overlooking Grande Anse. ( Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zWDriQUGHaPk.kzNG906Q0YX4 )
We drove up there and looked around for a spot to put an antenna or two. We eventually settled on a corner of the playing field. There were a few guys playing as friendly match of cricket, and they were ok with us using the side line of the field.

So we set up a Buddipole on 15 and 10 as verticals. we also had a 20 meter antenna on the car. hooked all the rigs up and then we figured hmm we left the filters home… so one op at a time. I took first run on 15 and called cq worked the rf for a while then Ernest took a turn at it.. I even walked away from his loication and used my phone to remote back into my home qth and worked Ernest 🙂 that was really cool. Remote Hams works really well!
by about 5:30 we pulled it all down and headed back home. We had a blast as always. This is what J6 Portable is all about grab a radio grab an antenna and let’s go!

Catch you on the bands next weekend! j6 Portable will be on air as J64SLI!!!! first ever J64 wpx!

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  • This is what we live for RF all trhe way, keep up the good work J6Portable for life