Saint Lucia Independence event

The J6 Portable group will be active from Friday 2th February till Friday 27th February with the special call J64SLI/36 (Juliet six four Saint Lucia Independence) the 36 represents the 36th year of independence.   The J6 Portable group is proud to have the FIRST ever assigned J64 !

The J6 Portable group will be camping out for the weekend and will be operating for the remainder of the week from various locations.

We look forward to working you all on the air.

QSL manager for the event is John WB5Q
(John S Carson, Jr. 5008 Stonehenge Ln. Norman, OK 73026. USA)
Send 2 $US for return qsl.

Sponsors for this event:

Budd W3FF and the Buddipole Dxpeditions
John Carson WB5Q PR officer and QSL manager
Aeronautical Center ARC, Oklahoma City, OK
South Canadian ARC, Norman OK
Butch Weber WA4GIF

J64SLI, 36th year of indepence

J64SLI, 36th year of indepence

4 Responses to Saint Lucia Independence event

  • Happy 36th Independence greetings to the Government and People of Saint Lucia.

    Good luck to the J6 Portable Group, and I will look for you on the bands.


    Good DX

    • Thank you Kumar, appreciated! looking for you on the air this weekend!! 73

  • I leave the country and you guys plan a special event !! Hi Hi.. I will be looking for the special callsign this week.. It is more fun than snow and -18C.

    • haha indeed, next time you need to plan to be here for february 22! that is our yearly camp out… kinda a field day thing eh!