Senator back on the Air!

We all know Senator Rosemond Clery in his wheel chair.  We all also know him by M&C of course. But not so many know him as being an Amateur Operator of long standing.  His call is J69BB, Juliet Six Nine Bravo Bravo.DSCN7103-700

Rosemond has been off the airwaves for quite a few years but, notwithstanding, was always saying he would come back on the air.

So the J6 Portable group, a small group of radio enthusiasts who operate from beaches and mountains just for fun, decided to provide Rosemond Clery with a VHF-UHF dual band hand held radio.  This will allow Rosemond to be in touch with the amateur radio fraternity.  We also took care of the license process to get him back on the air.

IMG_20160309_151824396_HDR-700The radio and license were presented to him this afternoon by Journeii and Annique, the Youngsters on the Air operators.  Rosemond was just happy to be back on VHF to talk to his many friends.

Also present were J66CD Ian, J66SJ Cyril and Xyl Yasmin, J69DS Frans and Xyl Filita.  A big thank you to W5SJ Bill in assisting with acquiring the radio.

Hope he has fun keeping in touch with ole friends.