Two or more hands can and will clap!

It is a west indies saying: it takes two hands to clap! So the group went up to Rosemond’s place to to d a bit of tree trimming..
Ian J66CD of course was the point man, he climbed that huge mango tree and had branches coming down like joke!
we dragged those to the top end of the property, cut ’em up and piled it all there in the bush.
We then proceeded to clear an old pole he had behind the house. We removed the remains of a 11 meter ground plane from it.
Kieran J69BJ had done a yagi for him and left it by him to be tuned and mounted.
We used the analyzer to tune the yagi before putting it in place. We then mounted the 3 element yagi on the pole next to the house.
Ran a test to J66YAZ base with excellent results, also the FM HamRa club repeaters were accessed with perfect results.
So off we went and Rosemond is on VHF with a good punch right now!