Welcome J6/N9RD

Juergen, n9rd, was in Saint Lucia today for the day. He came in on a cruise ship and was met by j69az Ernest and his wife. Ernest took Juergen and friends and family to the Sulphur springs for a visit. they came back up to Castries for 1 pm where they met up with j66ca Francis, and j69ds Frans and their families, at the Vigie beach where they had antennae up on 10 and 17 meters.
j69ds Frans was on 15 meters running a nice little pile up which after introductions he handed over to Juergen to run as J6/N9RD for the next couple of hours. Juergen worked the pile up and made many fun contacts right there from the beach on the Kenwood ts430 (belonging to J66CA) and a buddipole as a vertical with a wire radial.
When 4 pm rolled around it was time for Juergen and family and friends to head back to the ship. J69AZ Ernest brought them back safely to the ship.
J69DS continued with the pile up after Juergen left, and Ernest took it over on his return to the beach.
We all had a fun day and made some real nice contacts.
Some photos below,
73 de J6 Portable Group.


2 Responses to Welcome J6/N9RD

  • Hallo Frans we arrived safely back in the USA. Nice write up of the portable operation and I had a great time operating as J6/N9RD. Whenever I hear and work you guys from the beach, I will always be there with you! My thanks go to you, Ernest and Francis for making it all possible.
    73 and all the Best !
    Juergen N9RD

  • Great to read of the beach fun in foreign lands. It is this kind of friendship that makes ham radio such a treat for me.
    73 k2djn
    Strive for Peace